The effect of worn-out tire treads

Tires are an essential part of any vehicle. For the best tire performance, the treads need to meet specific standards. The proper tread guarantees enough grip and comfortable balance for the different terrains. Below are the various tread depths:
  • 10/32 inches, this is the usual depth of average tires. This does not represent the required thickness for all-terrain tires.
  • 4/32 inches, this represents when the tires need to be replaced. If the treads become less than this, it becomes riskier.
  • 2/32 inches, this was the old limit for changing tires.
Driving a vehicle that has worn out treads is a risk to yourself and other drivers. It is hard to stop on wet roads because the tires skid due to the water. Lack of treads causes the tires to create a slippery surface between the road and tire. Visit our dealership for a tire check and replacement.
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