Performance Features Packed into the Ford Fusion Energi

When the new Ford Fusion Energi arrived at the lot at Sheehy Ford of Warrenton, our team could not have been more excited to pass on some information concerning the performance features packed in this plug-in hybrid.

The Cross-Traffic Alert feature that comes with the Ford Fusion Energi was designed to be your eyes as you drive the vehicle in reverse. Once shifted into reverse, the sensors scan far in each direction and alert the driver by flashing your side mirrors as to which direction that car is approaching your vehicle.

To help keep you from getting into an accident while driving your Ford Fusion Energi, this vehicle comes equipped with a Lane-Keeping System. The way this feature works is by using sensors to scan the road to make certain you stay in the lane lines. If drifting occurs, your steering wheel begins vibrating to grab your attention to correct the issue.



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