The Engine Power of the 2018 Ford Edge Has the Capability to Enhance Your Driving

The 2018 Ford Edge is capable of tackling your driving needs with power to spare. You need extra power from the engine to tow an item. With the Edge, the engine maximizes power efficiently.

The Edge’s engine provides 245 horse power and almost 275 lbs-feet in torque. You may need the Ford Edge for towing, and its’ towing capability will not disappoint. With the Ford Edge, you can tow 3,500 pounds. When towing a trailer, it sometimes sways. The Edge can control swaying with the use the brake and reduction in the engine’s torque. The Edge’s engine opens and closes valves with precision to optimize its’ power. With the use of direct fuel injection, it saves gas when maximizing power.

Drivers throughout Warrenton could utilize the Ford Edge’s capabilities. To learn more about the Ford Edge’s capabilities, you can visit us here at Sheehy Ford of Warrenton for a test drive.

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