Find Out How the Ford Fusion Drives

The new Ford Fusion is a vehicle that is respectable in every way. The way it looks is something that is attractive to many people. However, there are other features of this vehicle that we at Sheehy Ford Warrenton believe will make you happy that you have chosen this vehicle to take for a drive.

The new Fusion drives and handles well thanks to the intelligent 4-wheel drive system. The torque between the front and rear wheels are balanced which will enhance and maximize the handling of the vehicle. You also get the best traction from the Ford Fusion with the intelligent 4 Wheel Drive feature.

In fact, the Ford car also has technology which maximizes the efficiency of the vehicle when it comes to fuel. The auto start/stop technology comes in very handy when on the road. When you come to a stop, the Ford Fusion engine will turn off and then restart again once you hit the gas.



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