NHTSA Recall Look Up

At Sheehy Ford of Warrenton we highly value our customers’ satisfaction and safety and want to ensure you and your family are protected while driving one of our new or used vehicles. We want to help you be as informed as possible about any recalls on your vehicle or one you’re interested in, which is why we have provided you with the NHTSA Recall Lookup Tool below.

Simply enter a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) below to quickly learn if a specific vehicle has not been repaired as part of a safety recall in the last 15 years.

According to the NHTSA, “Generally, a safety defect is defined as a problem that exists in a motor vehicle or item of motor vehicle equipment that: poses a risk to motor vehicle safety, and may exist in a group of vehicles of the same design or manufacture, or items of equipment of the same type and manufacture.” They also state that “A recall is issued when a manufacturer or NHTSA determines that a vehicle, equipment, car seat, or tire creates an unreasonable safety risk or fails to meet minimum safety standards.” Scroll down for more information about NHTSA recalls.